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About 6G@HK

6G@HK is a research center of excellence supported by the Hong Kong government Areas of Excellence (AOE) program. Our mission is to promote knowledge and scientific advancements through high standards of research, leadership, services, and education. The center, consisting of scholars from four Hong Kong universities, will lead a multidisciplinary endeavor titled “6G: Wireless Access and Connectivity for an Intelligent and Sustainable World.” Through this project, the center aims to position Hong Kong as the regional leader in 6G research within the next 10 years. The project will focus on groundbreaking basic and applied research, with a key goal of sustainable development to address major societal challenges such as climate change. By collaborating with global industry leaders and international researchers, the center will produce pioneering and game-changing research in wireless access and connectivity, contributing significantly to global sustainability.


Khaled B. Letaief, HKUST
Ross Murch, HKUST
Chik Patrick YUE, HKUST
Qian Zhang, HKUST
Vincent Lau, HKUST
Chi Ying Tsui, HKUST
Jun Zhang, HKUST
Song Guo, HKUST
Kaibin Huang, HKU
Jiaya Jia, CUHK
Angela Yingjun Zhang, CUHK